10+ Amazing Brush & Script Fonts / Typefaces For Free Download

Brush script font style is an extremely beneficial typeface and font style that has found its way into a large number of design projects. It has extensive history and if you can find several types of this font, you can be prepared for a wide range of projects.

Brush script became an extremely popular style by the 1960s but the typeface was first introduced in the year 1942. Robert E smith was one of the American type founders that actually created this nostalgic typeface that found its way into a variety of post-World War II advertising and promotional tools.

Some of the most recognizable logos where you can find this typeface is potentially with the price is right in the “One Away” game logo as well as the original logo for the Jerry Springer show and the logo for Virtua Fighter.

Although the types that may not see wide logo use it’s one of the most used typefaces for casual script. It’s found its way into an extensive amount of web design for this popularity and the readability/nostalgic look as well.

Part of the appeal of these types of scripts comes with the vintage style. We are used to living in such a digital world, the idea of a casual or hand written script is something that we don’t see too often. While this type of script would’ve been popular in the days of handmade pens, calligraphy and painting, in the digital age it is something that we see far less.

The brush script font and typeface is coming back in a big way and this means that designers will definitely need the right typefaces installed so that they can be prepared for the future needs of web design, logo design, and print design. This is why I create a new post and share you the latest and best brush & script fonts/typefaces I found on the web.

Aug 06, 2017 Update:

Free Font Balloon

Each letter is on a separate layer, – otf file, – bonus patterns.

Free Font Balloon

Aline TTF

Aline TTF

Jun 20, 2017 Update:

Charlotte – Free Font

Charlotte Script Font

Jun 18, 2017 Update:

Espa Free Brush Font

Espa is a free brush font made by Ieva and Krisjanis Mezulis. It features a brush made feel and look. The font suits best big headlines and gives them a personal touch.

Espa Free Brush Font

Jun 15, 2017 Update:

Duvetica – Free Font

Duvetica Script Font

Helmut – Free Font

Helmut - Free Font


Ocean Six is a bold display typeface from Drifter Studio that features a unique, detailed, and handmade look. Made with scanned/vectorized acrylic brush strokes and inspired from a vintage catalog. Upper case, lower case, and special characters included – Ocean Six is a classic addition to your collection.


Jun 05, 2017 Update:

Beluga – Free Font

Beluga - Free Font

May 06, 2017 Update:

Balmy – Free Brush Font

Balmy - Free Brush Font

Mar 30, 2017 Update:

Eufoniem | Free Font

Eufoniem is a free font that dedicated to those who support and appreciate our work, Locomotype.

Eufoniem Free Font

Israt Semi Brushed Handwritten Font

A Free Semi Brushed Handwritten Font.

Israt Semi Brushed Handwritten Font


ntroducing Jenthill – a lovely font family which includes 4 font styles: – a wonderful script typeface Jenthill

  • a wonderful script typeface Jenthill
  • Jenthill Light – a delicate version of Jenthill
  • 2 uppercase fonts Jetnthill Caps and Jenthill Light Caps which are perfect for headings.

Each font consists of about 380 glyphs and includes basic punctuation, numbers, roman typeface and international characters, so the font can be used with most of the European languages.


Hello! Font



Salted Mocha is a hand drawn brush script typeface.


Leafy Extended Brush Font

The new Leafy Extended comes with upgraded glyphs, Cyrillic support, and latin extended character base, with all small letters included. Every single letter has been hand drawn with a thin water brush on acrylic paper, this making the typeface unique. This is the extended version of the already made Leafy free Brush Font.

Leafy Extended Brush Font

Spring Time Free Font

Spring Time Free Font

Luciano (Free Font)

Luciano (Free Font)

Hensa – Free Brush Script Font

A carefully hand-painted brush script typeface ideal for logos, quotes, packaging designs or greeting cards. Hensa contains the basic latin lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, ligatures and several swashes.


Sprightly – a free connecting script font

Sprightly is a partially-connecting handwritten script font, free for personal and commercial use!

Sprightly - a free connecting script font


This font is personal / commercial use,any donation are very apreciated.