30+ Best Packaging Box Mockups For Free Download (Updated For 2018)

Packaging mockups can be used for a wide variety of reasons, from a design project, to a physical product. They are designed to work as actual packaging for different products you may have in mind, so if you’ve been struggling creatively to really find the right packaging for your great product, utilizing a packaging mockup can be a great way to bring the idea to life.

Today, consumers are all about the packaging of a product – sometimes even more so than the product itself! What something looks like on the outside can have a big impact on whether or not people are interested, so the right type of packaging can really make a difference in the overall success of your product.

If you’ve been looking for the right packaging design for your product, or you need fresh ideas to spark new creativity, this list of free packaging mockups could be extremely useful for you. Again, all of the mockups are completely free to download, and are designed with the success of your product packaging in mind. With these mockups, you can stand out from the crowd, get new, innovative ideas, and have peace of mind in knowing that quality, unique packaging can give your product or idea a brand new life. For small business owners, inventors, students, and more, packaging mockups have endless uses. Get started by downloading yours for free.

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Jun 7, 2018 Update:

A lovely and beautiful Free Gift Box Mockup PSD. This free mockup is specially designed to showcase your gift box designs. PSD file includes smart-object layer which help you to get the desire presentation.

Free Gift Box Mockup PSD

Free Gift Box Mockup PSD-min

May 9, 2018 Update:

Free shoe box mockup

Free shoe box mockup

Apr 14, 2018 Update:

Milk Packaging Psd Mockup

An isometric milk packaging PSD mockup template for you to display any designs for portfolio, showcase, website, banner and more. Organized and named layers help you to customize every detail easily. Changeable Package Design via Smart Objects, Changeable Background Texture, Color & Cap Color.

Milk Packaging Psd Mockup

Mar 09, 2018 Update:

Free storage box mockup

Free storage box mockup

Feb 06, 2018 Update:

Free software box mockup

Free software box mockup

Dec 28, 2017 Update:

Free box mockups

Free box mockups

Dec 07, 2017 Update:

Mailing Box PSD MockUp

A cardboard mailing box and use it to showcase your label and packaging designs. The PSD files are easy to use, just place your design inside the smart layer and change the background according to your needs.

Mailing Box PSD MockUp

Dec 02, 2017 Update:

Square Psd Box Packaging Mockup

This is a modern psd square box packaging for you to display your designs. Easily change the box color and add your own graphics thanks to the smart layer.

Square Psd Box Packaging Mockup

Nov 26, 2017 Update:

Psd Pizza Box Mockup Packaging

This is a quality overhead view of a psd pizza box packaging mockup. It can also be used for other take away packaging. Easily change the box color and add your own graphics thanks to the smart layer.

Psd Pizza Box Mockup Packaging

Nov 22, 2017 Update:

Food Packaging Pouch Mockup

A new realistic food packaging pouch mockup PSD to let you showcase your packaging designs. You can easily change the color of the pouch, label design and the background. Add any of your label designs, thanks to the smart layers.

Food Packaging Pouch Mockup

Sep 9, 2017 Update:

Box mock up free

Box mock up free

Aug 30, 2017 Update:

Moving Box PSD MockUp

The freebie of the day is the mock-up of a cardboard moving box that will help you create a photorealistic packaging design presentation. This PSD file is easy to use, just add your design inside the smart layer and change the background according to your needs.

Moving Box PSD MockUp

Aug 21, 2017 Update:

Packaging Tin Container Mockup PSD

A brand new photorealistic PSD mockup of packaging metal tin container. You can use the template to showcase your packaging brand identity or design. Drag and drop your logo or label design inside the smart-object layer and save. You can easily change the background color, tin and lid color as well as the label. Just expand the folders and you will see various organized layers and there you will set new colors and backgrounds.

Packaging Tin Container Mockup PSD

Aug 06, 2017 Update:

Isometric Box Packaging Psd Mockup

Isometric Box Packaging Psd Mockup

July 09, 2017 Update:

Free Tuck Lid Window Box Packaging Mockup PSD

Free Tuck Lid Window Box Packaging Mockup PSD

July 04, 2017 Update:

Tin Container Packaging MockUp #2

A new cylindrical tin container mock-up that will help you create a photorealistic presentation for your packaging designs. This PSD mock-up is very easy to use, just add your design in the smart layer and change the background color according to your needs.

Tin Container Packaging MockUp #2

Free PSD Milk Box Mockup

A clean box milk mockup for multipurpose use that can be perfect for any product design package. This mockup is here to help you get the photo-realistic results to enhance your package design preview. Available in PSD format with built-in smart object so you can customize it easily without hassle.

Free PSD Milk Box Mockup

June 19, 2017 Update:

Packaging Product Box Mockup PSDs

A set of 3 mockups for packaging box mockups you can use to showcase your package product branding. These are realistic, dark color boxes that give style and elegance to your design. You can easily and quickly add your own designs using the smart-object layers within the PSD file. You can also change the background of the mockup scenes.

Packaging Product Box Mockup PSDs

May 27, 2017 Update:

Paper Tube Packaging Mockup Template

A packaging mockup PSD. It is a high-resolution cardboard tubes mockup to present your logo, label or print design in a realistic setting. The easy-to-use PSD file comes with smart-object layers to add your own design and save. You can even change the color of the label/logo and the background of the scene to fit your need.

Paper Tube Packaging Mockup Template

May 16, 2017 Update:

Rectangle Box Mockup Set

This freebie is a collection of 6 Rectangle Boxes, for free download.

Rectangle Box Mockup Set

Mar 16, 2017 Update:



Mar 11, 2017 Update:

Rectangular PSD Box Mockup Vol2

Rectangular PSD Box Mockup Vol2

Mar 04, 2017 Update:

FREE 6 Photoshop Rectangle Box Mockup

FREE 6 Photoshop Rectangle Box Mockup

Jan 07, 2017 Update:

Tin Container Packaging MockUp


Jan 04, 2017 Update:

Gift Wrap Box PSD Mockup

A free wrapped gift box mockup PSD. You can change the tag label design as well as the color of the gift box and the scene background. Included 3 different backgrounds to get started with your gift box design.


Dec 28, 2016 Update:

Shampoo Bottle Packaging PSD Mockup

A cosmetic shampoo bottle  packaging mockup in PSD format. The free mockup template in 3 variants with the bottle standing, lying and levitating. The template is ideal to showcase your cosmetic design. You can change the bottle and background color and add your own graphics using the smart-layer.


Nov 29, 2016 Update:

Paper Tube Mockup PSD

A closeup paper tube packaging mockup PSD template helping you to showcase your logo or label design. You can easily replace your logo sticker on the tube via smart-objects in the PSD file. The background is easily changeable.



Nov 19, 2016 Update:

Psd Cardboard Packaging Mockup

This is a front facing and perspective rectangle cardboard psd packaging mockup to let you display your branding design in style. Easily add your graphics with the smart layers.


Nov 15, 2016 Update:

Plastic Pouch Packaging MockUp


Oct 09, 2016 Update:

Free Box Mockup


Oct 07, 2016 Update:

Free Cardboard Box Packaging Mock-up PSD

This mock-up is designed in Photoshop CS6. The layers format will allow you to change to background, colors and make changes in this mock-up according to your requirement.


Sep 20, 2016 Update:

Packaging Boxes Mockup PSD

A set of 3 packaging boxes mockup you’d be interested to showcase your packaging designs on.  This free PSD file is useful to display your branding designs and identity for gift products in style. You can easily replace your own logo or label designs using the smart-object layers.


Full Customize Box Packaging Mock Up

A mockup of box packaging Mockup. Provided in Front, Back and Side view. You may use it freely to showcase your packaging design project.


Pizza Box Mockups

A set of free pizza box mockups which contains four editable PSD files, high resolutions and usable for your packaging design project. This box type is a brown carton paper, if you want to change the base color for the box you can simply add a colorized hue/saturation layer and set the color to match with your designs. The disign itself is in transparent mode so the box still look original, if you have your design with a solid color then you can adjust the shadow and light to make it still realistic.


Free Food Box Mockup PSD


Package Box Mockup



A Milk Carton Mockup features a realistic simple milk carton scene. Free for both personal and commercial use.


Milk Packaging Mockup

A milk packaging bottle mockup in PSD format.  The photorealistic PSD mockup will help you present your milk or milk-related juices in a modern and creative way. Also, the label of the bottle and pack is editable via smart-objects and you can easily replace your own label or logo design. You can even experiment with different background colors, however, I have already pre-made 3 color shades of backgrounds.



Milk Carton Free Mock-Up

This 1L Milk Carton with Screw Cap Mock-up is great for presenting your designs to your clients, or showing off your work in your portfolio. Includes 4 views. Easy to recolor parts separately. Fairly simple to use. This PSD mockup includes special layers for your design.


Tin Box Mockup

Ideal to promote your packaging design and show to clients your work.


Paper Pouch Packaging Mockup PSD

A clean mockup of paper pouch to showcase your label packaging design, especially for coffee product. This high-quality PSD mockup includes smart-object layers that help you add your own label design. The mockup also includes dark and brown variations of the pouch along with light and dark backgrounds to complement with the design.


Free Chocolate Packaging Mockups


Chocolate Packaging Mockup PSD

A free chocolate packaging mockup PSD you can use to create your own product packaging design and showcase in style. Easily change your chocolate label or logo design with the smart layers in such a way that your clients will visual your final product design concept. The download contains two variations of the packaging mockup in two PSD files.