Adapting Your Website For Any Device with Mobify.js

Mobify.js is an open source library for improving responsive sites by providing responsive images, JS/CSS optimization, Adaptive Templating and more.

Mobify.js also provides a “Capturing” API for manipulating the DOM before any resources have loaded, giving developers the ability to enable the listed features above without changing any backend markup.


  • Take control of your existing DOM on mobile and tablets. Move elements around, replace heavy images and scripts with low- bandwidth optimized versions.
  • Recreate brand new experiences using client-side templating when responsive falls short. As you make changes and add content your mobile site won’t fall out of sync.
  • Use Mobify.js to adapt your site to all devices, for both responsive sites and sites that want to go mobile fast with client-side templating.




Adapting Your Website For Any Device with Mobifyjs

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