Easy Multi-screen Web Development With Google Web Starter Kit

Web Starter Kit is a starting point for multi-screen web development. It encompasses opinionated recommendations on boilerplate and tooling for building an experience that works great across multiple devices.


  • Multi-device responsive boilerplate

    A responsive boilerplate optimized for the multi-screen web, with a high PageSpeed Insights performance score.

  • Living component style guide

    A visual design system for documenting your site’s components that evolves as it does.

  • Cross-device Synchronization

    Synchronize clicks, scrolls, forms and live-reload across multiple devices as you edit your project. Powered by BrowserSync.

  • Live Browser Reloading

    Reload the browser in real-time anytime an edit is made without the need for an extension.

  • Performance optimization

    Minify and concatenate JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Images to help keep your pages lean.

  • Built in HTTP Server

    A built in server for previewing your site means you can test your pages without messing with other tools.

  • PageSpeed Insights Reporting

    Web performance metrics showing how well your site performs on mobile and desktop.

  • Sass support

    Compile Sass into CSS with ease, bringing support for variables, mixins and more.

Google Web Starter Kit Document

Download Google Web Starter Kit

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