Apple Macintosh Icon Set (Figma)

The Macintosh Icons set is what started Susan Kare on her current career path. She enjoyed her time working at Apple immensely, and to this day remembers those times fondly. She is still proud of the icons she created, many of which she considers to be works of art.

Although icon design has moved away from cute icons and more towards flat, colorful, and simplistic icons, the example of Susan Kare’s Macintosh Icons shows us that there is still room for cute icons.

Here is a digital translation of graphic designer Susan Kare’s iconset for Apple Macintosh in 1982. Feel free to duplicate it on Figma and export icons as PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG files.

Icons Included:

  1. Macintosh Happy
  2. Macintosh Unhappy
  3. Macintosh Working
  4. Bin
  5. Bomb
  6. Watch
  7. Save
  8. Save As
  9. File Text
  10. File Vector
  11. File Graphic
  12. New
  13. New Text
  14. New Vector
  15. New Graphic
  16. New Type
  17. Compressed File
  18. Font Kit
  19. Font Stack
  20. Command
  21. Cow
  22. Alert
  23. Prompt
  24. AppleLink
  25. Fax
  26. Fax To
  27. Print
  28. Inbox
  29. Inbox In
  30. Inbox Out
  31. Mail Drowned
  32. Mail Wings
  33. News Headlines
  34. Newspaper
  35. Easy Access
  36. Quick Access
  37. Direct Access
  38. Folder
  39. Folder Speedy
  40. Folder Hierarchy
  41. Compressed Package
  42. Box
  43. Desk Drawer
  44. Top Drawer
  45. Global
  46. Library
  47. Personal Area
  48. Threaded


Apple Macintosh Icon Set

Download Information:

This iconset was created by Casper Lourens and you can preview it on the Resource page.

You can also duplicate it on Figma.

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