50+ Best Free Fonts & Typefaces (2023 Update)

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May 19, 2016 Update:

Atiba Font

Atiba Font

Nov 24, 2016 Update:

Avenue X – Free Font

Avenue X is an experimental display font (OTF). The font takes inspiration from urban design and planning, such as lanes, avenues and highways. Each character is represented with a main “avenue” and a bike /and/ pedestrian lane, which is often seen in urban environments. This is my first try at creating a font, so it is not perfect, but I’d like to get some feedback to improve it.


Nov 21, 2016 Update:

QUBO – Free Font


Oct 29, 2016 Update:

Milda regular


Oct 26, 2016 Update:

Speck Display – Free Typeface


Oct 20, 2016 Update:

KATONA free font

Katona is handwritten ultra light font. It comes in three different versions, KATONA I, KATONA II and KATONA III.


Oct 17, 2016 Update:

Hikou – Free Font Family

Hikou is a versatile display typeface that’s great for titles and logos. It pairs well with any other font type and works in any size.


Sept 22, 2016 Update:



Sept 05, 2016 Update:

Luciano (Free Font)

Luciano (Free Font)

Aug 26, 2016 Update:

Maddox Gothic Free Font

Maddox Gothic Free Font

Aug 07, 2016 Update:

Tag Type – Free Font

Tag Type – free font inspired by the graffiti tags. Сontains latin and cyrillic characters. Student project. Free for personal and charity use.

Tag Type - Free Font

Aug 02, 2016 Update:

IronHead Free Font Download

IronHead Free Font Download

July 28, 2016 Update:

Hensa – Free Brush Script Font

A carefully hand-painted brush script typeface ideal for logos, quotes, packaging designs or greeting cards. Hensa contains the basic latin lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, ligatures and several swashes.


July 16, 2016 Update:

Back to Black – Free Script & Calligraphy Font

Back to Black - Free Script & Calligraphy Font

June 30, 2016 Update:

Smoothie Shoppe – Free Script Font

Smoothie Shoppe - Free Script Font

June 20, 2016 Update:

Bastell –– Free typeface

Bastell is a FREE rounded, semi condensed typeface in Regular and Light! It’s very useful for logotype, headlines, apparel, album art and more of your creative mind ever desired!

Bastell –– Free typeface

June 9, 2016 Update:



May 27, 2016 Update:

Sprightly Two

A sequel to Sprightly, this free font is wider, neater, and now has double-lowercase ligatures.

Sprightly Two

May 14, 2016 Update:

Brizzush – a pair of free hand-brushed typefaces

Free for personal and commercial use! A brushed font scanned in, and then cleaned up for a second smoother version.

Brizzush - a pair of free hand-brushed typefaces

April 26, 2016 Update:

Hot Deals

A handwritten font in the style of price signs inside a grocery store.

Hot Deals Font

April 18, 2016 Update:

Little Creator – Free typeface

Free typeface Little Creator with uppercase and lowecase letters, numbers and basic characters.

Little Creator - Free typeface

April 14, 2016 Update:

Sprightly – a free connecting script font

Sprightly is a partially-connecting handwritten script font, free for personal and commercial use!

Sprightly - a free connecting script font

April 12, 2016 Update:

Capsule X Pro – Free Typeface

Capsule X Pro is a sleek condensed sans-serif font designed in vector format. Inspired from self esteem, mental peace, enlightenment and motivation symbolized as capsule- A driving force. The design is intended to be highly readable, reasonably compact. Being visually appealing, this font can be used in various design projects.

Capsule X Pro Typeface

Cavorting Font

A handwriting typeface – free for personal and commercial use!

Cavorting - Handwriting Watercolor Font

April 11, 2016 Update:

Little Wizzy – Free Typeface

Little Wizzy - Free Typeface

April 4, 2016 Update:



March 22, 2016 Update:

Geometric hurricane – Free font

Geometric hurricane - Free font

Original – Free Font

Original is an all caps rounded font wich includes 2 styles. Original is completely free for personal use.

Original - Free Font


Fenton Font family comes with 6 weights. The design was inspired by (convex) camber. It has a higher lowercase structure than the normal ones. It has a modern, rounded and squared character. Each weight contains 370 glyph.


Humblle Rought Free Font

Neptern Harbour is a hand-drawn Styles, modern and lifestyle, which was created to meet the needs of your next design project. Neptern Harbour, Can used for various purposes. such as the title, signature, logo, correspondence, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc.

Humblle Rought Free Font


This font is personal / commercial use,any donation are very apreciated.


Fina – ultra thin, modern font

Fina – ultra thin, modern font

HATER free font

Hater is a free font for personal and commercial use.

HATER free font

Prestige Script

Prestige Script is a modern natural handwriting style, with a little bit abstract and fancy. Great to give an elegance and natural touches to your design.

Prestige Script

Mosk Typeface

Mosk is a typeface family that consist of lowercase letters and edited versions in the uppercase version, for your logos and designs.

Mosk Typeface

American Tuscan

American Tuscan

Caja – Free Font

Caja - Free Font

woven font

A font inspired by woven letters on folk bands.

woven font

SelimaSelima Script

elima Script is a free brush-lettered font with beautiful irregular shapes and baseline. Perfect for eye-catching messages and great to put some personal touches on your design.

SelimaSelima Script

NavyQueen FREE Font

NavyQueen FREE Font

ELIXIA™ Free Font

ELIXIA™ is a slightly condensed typeface inspired by the hexagonal grid system. It has a strong vertical emphasis, with a solid, geometric feel. Its clean ruler-straight lines, restrained forms, unique shape and proportions give the face a dynamic, industrial futuristic aura, yet, in a complete paradox in itself, also lends an archaic and mystical feel — a quirky mix of medieval and modern. It is a single-weight typeface with a total of 200 characters /glyphs that includes: Uppercase, Lowercase, Numerals, Extended Characters, Accents and Stylistic Alternates. ELIXIA™ is most suitable as a decorative display font.

ELIXIA Free Font

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