jQuery Date and Time Picker Plugin for jQuery Mobile – DateBox

DateBox is a jQuery & jQuery Mobile plugin that aims to make user interaction with dates and times simple and intuitive. It is a colloborative work, with a full range of features allowing easy implementation, and painless extensibility.



jQuery Date and Time Picker Plugin for jQuery Mobile - DateBox


Multiple Data-Entry Modes

  • Android style date picker
  • Calendar style date picker
  • Slide style date picker
  • Flip Wheel style date or time picker
  • 12 and 24 hour time picker
  • Duration time picker

4 Different display modes

  • Standard, click-outside-to-close popup mode
  • Forced input modal popup mode
  • Unique page dialog mode
  • Inline mode

Fully localized

  • Configurable Month names
  • Configurable Day Names
  • All labels and buttons configuratble

Supports data-limiting of input

  • Configurable maximum and minimum years (android mode)
  • Configurable maximum and minimum number of days from “today” (both date modes)
  • Allows blacklisting of days of the week or specific dates (calendar mode)
  • Allows selecting specific day from any week selection (calendar mode)

Automatically parses hand-entered or pre-entered dates on open

Auto-bind’s to data-role=’datebox’, options are configurable via data-options.

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