Free AI-Generated Avatars for Your Next Design Project – Uifaces

Uifaces is a free online library of AI-generated avatar images that graphic designers can use to create mockups and prototypes. The library contains hundreds of avatars across five style categories: Human, Alien, Cartoon, Abstract, and Roboto.

The human avatars depict realistic and diverse men, women, and children. The alien and cartoon options offer more fantastical and illustrated options. Abstract avatars have geometric shapes for faces, while the roboto avatars are humanoid with robotic elements. The popular avatars are’s most downloaded options.

All avatars are high-resolution, making them suitable for web and print projects. They can be used as profile images, in application prototypes, on websites, in presentations, and more. The images are free to use for personal and commercial projects. also provides a Figma plugin that allows designers to generate custom avatars tailored to their needs right within Figma. With its comprehensive library and customization tools, is an excellent free resource for creatives looking to prototype designs with realistic and imaginary avatars.


Uifaces AI-generated Robot Avatars

Robot Avatars

Uifaces AI-generated Abstract Avatars

Abstract Avatars

Uifaces AI-generated Cartoon Avatars

Cartoon Avatars

Uifaces AI-generated Alien Avatars

Alien Avatars

Uifaces AI-generated Robot Avatars

Robot Avatars

Download AI-generated Avatars On Uifaces


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