Big collection of free code stuffs like javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery and more.

Ionicons – A Premium Icon Font

Ionicons is a premium icon font designed for Ionic Framework. You can use to easily find the icon you want to use. Once you’ve copied the desired icon’s CSS classname, simply add the icon’s classname to an HTML element.

200+ CSS3 Icons Generator

A online icon generator that allows you to generates Html and CSS3 based web icons for your web design. You don’t require images like: JPG / PNG / GIF or any other external heavy font files, you just need to click on the icon, copy the CSS/3 code and use it on any platform.

Fancy Animations For Thumbnails In A Grid

Today we’d like to share some fancy animations for thumbnails in a grid with you. There are many possibilities when it comes to these kind of effects, but not all of them fit well when applied to multiple items, like a grid of images.