70 Inclusive Icons For Minorities

A minority is a group of people that differ in some way from the majority of the population or any part of a whole that is smaller than the other parts.

In this post, you will find the 70 vector-shaped inclusive icons for minorities, featuring 2 styles (outlined and filled), and available in 3 formats (Figma, Sketch, and SVG).

Icons Included:

  • Accessibility
  • Blind
  • Broken leg
  • Kid
  • Large person
  • Left/right arm
  • Left/right leg
  • Old
  • People
  • Physical disability
  • Pregnant
  • Walking
  • And much more.


70 Inclusive Icons For Minorities

Download Information:

The 70 Inclusive Icons For Minorities is created by Flo Lenormand and you can find the download link in the Resource page.

You can also directly download the mockup on Dribbble.

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